2020 Clinical Conference

AOASM 2020 Virtual CME Conference

Thank you for attending the #AOASM2020 Virtual CME Conference.
We hope you enjoyed your virtual conference experience! 

 The AOASM would like to thank Dr. Shawn Kerger (2019-2020 AOASM President) for a great year! 
Congratulations to our incoming President, Dr. William Kuprevich (2020-2021 AOASM President). 


Congratulations to the 2020 Award of Fellow Recipients:

  • Caroline Beall, DO, FAOASM 
  • Sarah Brancroft, DO, FAOASM 
  • Brett DeGooyer, DO, FAOASM 
  • Dominic King, DO, FAOASM 
  • Bradley McCrady, DO, FAOASM 
  • Andrew Pieleck, DO, FAOASM 
  • Saunora Prom, DO, FAOASM 
  • Kate Quinn, DO, FAOASM 
  • Becca Rodriguez Regner, DO, FAOASM 

2020 Case and Research Award Winner Recognition

Case Poster: Austin Puchany
Nonoperative Management of a PCL Tear in a Division 1 Wrestler

Case Podium: Sharon Longo
Sudden Cardiac Death in an Olympic Athlete from Undiagnosed Cardiac Sarcoidosis

Research Poster: Megan Craig
Pre-Competition Manipulation and Musculoskeletal Injruy Risk Among Virginia Tech Football Players during the 2015-2017 Football Seasons

Research Podium: Mary Michell, DO
Assessment of Patellar Tendons Over the Course of a Collegiate Men’s and Women’s Basketball Season Using Gray-Scale Ultrasound and Shear-Wave Elastography

Special Thanks to our Podium and Poster Judges this year!

  • Blake Boggess, DO, FAOASM
  • Dan Clearfield, DO, FAOASM 
  • Michelle Gilsenan, DO, FAOASM
  • Nicole Goddard, DO
  • Bhavesh Joshi, DO
  • Al Kozar, DO, FAOASM 
  • John Luksch, DO
  • Josh Priddle, DO
  • Mark Rogers, DO
  • Daniel Savarino, DO
  • Mary Solomon, DO
  • Melissa Tabor, DO, FAOASM
  • Ron Torrance, DO
  • Sara Wemlinger, DO
  • Gillian Wooldridge, DO 
  • Stephanie Yellin, DO
  • Anne Marie Zeller, DO 

Virtual CME Conference - A Message from the AOASM President and Program Chair

Dear AOASM members and supporters:

We want to thank you all for your hard work and accommodations during this time – many of us are providing emergency health care in situations to which we are unaccustomed and under unusual duress.  Some of our members have either had themselves, friends or family fall ill to COVID-19 as a result of serving their medical duties, and they are all in our thoughts and prayers.  Your service to our national and local communities is recognized and appreciated, and consistent with the ‘can-do, will-do’ passion found in the AOASM. We tip our hats to you in respect and gratitude.

Consistent with our mission statementwe are extremely glad to announce that we are providing a CME-credited Virtual Conference from May 1-3, 2020 in place of our annual spring Clinical ConferenceAlthough we cannot do all the hands-on workshops that make our conference so valuable and sought-after, the program that our Program Chair, Becca Rodriguez Regner, DO, FACOFP (& FAOASM-elect…), has put together for this virtual conference is especially timely and engaging!

Click here to access the 2020 VIRTUAL CONFERENCE AGENDA via PDF.
Click here to access the 2020 Podium Presenters via PDF.
Click here to access the 2020 Poster Presenters via PDF.

Some highlights are:

  • Lectures on: Mass Participation Event Planning During a Pandemic, Sports Nutrition & Performance, Sports Cardio, Sports Performance, REDS & Mental Health Concerns in Female Athletes, Autism/Asperger’s Disease in the Pediatric Athlete, OB/GYN – Pelvic Pain & the Female Athlete, Achieving the Best Score – CAQ Sports Medicine, and Intro to the Fascial Distortion Model (FDM)
  • AOA CO*RE Training (2 hours)
  • Podium Case & Research Presentations
  • Poster Presentations
  • "Mind, Body & Spirits" Virtual Happy Hour
  • Virtual Exercise Classes led by our Members & an Asynchronous Fun Run
  • AOASM Town Hall/Business Meeting
  • Outgoing and Incoming Presidential Addresses
  • All lecturers with their slides will be recorded and available for attendees to access (pending final permission from each of the speakers.)  

We’re also already planning for the 2021 Clinical Conference in Anaheim, which will feature content from the original agenda from this year, as well as new and updated material and skills – and of course, the opportunity to spend time with your friends and colleagues!

Shawn Kerger, DO, FAOASM
AOASM President

Becca Rodriguez Regner, DO, FAOASM
AOASM 2020 & 2021 Program Chair 

 Conference Educational Credits

AOA Credits*
AOASM have requested that the AOA Council on Continuing Medical Education approve the LIVE #AOASM2020 Virtual Conference program up to 11.0 hours of AOA Category 1-A CME credits. Register for continuing education credits by checking ALL of the applicable boxes on the registration link. Registered attendees will receive a credit reporting form electronically following the AOASM Virtual CME Conference. Attendees will be responsible for completing the online link by the required deadline. Thank you.

Learner Objectives

At the conclusion of the conference, the participant will be able to: 

  1. Develop and understand an appreciation for the importance of the osteopathic manipulative treatment, fascial distortion model treatment and other modalities in the field of sports medicine 
  2. Develop and understand the impact of mental health disorders in a variety of athletes. 
  3. Develop an appreciation for musculoskeletal injuries in the pelvis for female athletes.
  4. Understand the role nutrition has in performance of everyday patients as well as elite athletes. 
  5. Explain the unique difficulties associated with planning a mass participation event during a pandemic?

AOASM Social Media- #AOASM2020

Don’t forget to log on to AOASM social media networks this week to catch up with attendees, post conference photos, and comment about the conference!

AOASM Facebook (Public Group): https://www.facebook.com/American-Osteopathic-Academy-of-Sports-Medicine-194393877240953/

AOASM Twitter: https://twitter.com/TheAOASM?lang=en

Daily Exercise Challenges 

Friday, May 1:
Don’t forget to get in exercise today on your own, or check out our On Demand Exercise Videos (located below). Reminder to post to social media #AOASM2020 a picture or comment on how you met today’s exercise challenge!

Kirstin Hill, RD
Pilates Certified, Integrative Wellness Coach, & Bemer Affiliate
On Demand PILATES Exercise Video

Ashley Haan, CYT-200
On Demand YOGA Exercise Video
Spotify Playlist (Optional Playlist to play along with Yoga Video)

Saturday, May 2:
AOASM Virtual Zumba 
Join us LIVE today and explore a different way of HIIT with Zumba!  Come join our Virtual Dance Party on Saturday, May 2, starting at 8am CST!  Be prepared to work up a sweat as you shake what your momma gave you before the educational sessions kick off at 9am CST!

Sunday, May 3:
Asynchronous Fun Run/Walk! 
As Osteopathic Sports Medicine Physicians, we care about your mind, body and spirit!  Help to keep your body healthy with a 5K run/walk course of your choice!  Family members welcome and please keep social distancing! Reminder to post to social media #AOASM2020 a picture or comment on how you met today’s exercise challenge! 

AOASM Virtual Speed Mentoring Event 

Saturday, May 2:
Calling all students, residents, and fellows!  Have you ever wondered about the possibilities of your sports medicine career or how to launch your SM dreams?  Join us, Saturday, May 2, from 1:45 p.m.-3:15 p.m. CST immediately following the educational sessions using the same registration link and meet some AOASM greats! (No additional registration is needed.) 

Mentors are as follows:

  • Josh Priddle:  HS, college sports  
  • Tom Goodwin:  private practice
  • Jennifer Trpkovski:  college Div 1
  • Steve Karageanes: dance and performing arts
  • Matt Heller: combat sports
  • Ron Torrence: regenerative medicine

Each mentor will give a quick spiel with time for questions! We will spend about 15 minutes for each mentor, so be prepared with your questions! Zoom with you soon!

AOASM Virtual Fellowship Fair 

Saturday, May 2:
The AOASM will be hosting a virtual fellowship fair following the educational sessions using the same registration link for students and residents in conjunction with the AOASM 2020 Virtual CME Conference on Saturday May 2, 2020, between 3:30 pm -4:30 pm CST. 

Several fellowship directors and faculty will participate in a LIVE question and answer session to start followed by a brief overview of their specific programs. Residents and students will be able to ask further program specific questions and optionally the opportunity to connect directly with the faculty immediately following this event from 4:30 p.m.-5:30 p.m. CST. Mark your calendars to connect during this interactive session! 

Registration for the Fellowship Fair is not required to attend. Conference registrants should use their personalized virtual registration conference link to log in and participate to attend the fellowship fair. We’ll see you there! 


  • Once registered for the Virtual Conference, the attendee will receive 3 unique links to access the educational sessions each day. Each link will be emailed only within 24 hours prior to each daily session being held May 1-3. (Refer to the date and time listed with the link to ensure successful daily access.)
  • Registration will only be available until Sunday, May 3, 12 noon CST. If you plan to attend the Sunday session, please be sure to register prior to Noon CST on Sunday as staff will not be able to log you in after this time. Please plan accordingly. 
  • You will be placed in a waiting room before the session begins each day. 
  • You will be muted and “no video” for the webinar.
  • Use the Chat! Got a question? Type your comments and questions in the chat bar during the session. We’ll have a session moderator available to help. Speakers will do their best to answer the chat questions LIVE at the end of their lecture or they will follow-up in the chat area once their lecture ends.  
  • Accessing the virtual conference from a mobile device (smartphone or iPad)? Be sure to download the Zoom Mobile app for a better user experience from Google Play or the Apple Store.
  • Can you see the slides? Join by computer or mobile device. If you only call in, you won’t be able to see the presentation.

April 6, 2020-
Important information regarding your 2020 AOASM Registration Refund

To our members of the AOASM,

The Board of Directors met and the AOASM 2020 Clinical Conference is definitely on delay – we decided to avoid the fall time due to uncertainty re: the COVID situation in the fall and the ability of our membership to attend, as well as the conflicts with OMED and ARP conferences around the same autumn time.
The AOASM Board of Directors have been working with the Disneyland Hotel to reschedule the 2020 Clinical Conference to dates in 2021. We are happy to announce the 2021 AOASM Clinical Conference dates, April 28-May 1, 2021, at the Disneyland Hotel, Anaheim, California. Pre-conference workshops will be held on April 26 and 27.

Important information about the conference, CME, and other topics is included in the frequently asked questions below. Each attendee should plan to respond how the AOASM should handle your individual 2020 registration fee by May 15, 2020.


For More Information and Assistance 
If you have additional questions about the postponement of the AOASM Annual Meeting, please contact the AOASM National Office via email [email protected]