OMED 2013

OMED 2013 - What happens in Vegas shouldn’t stay in Vegas — Practical sports medicine for the practicing physician!
October 1 - October 4, 2013

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Tuesday, October 1

Prevention of Sudden Death in Athletes
Angela C. Cavanna, DO, FAOASM

EKG Screening in Athletes. How Does the Seattle Criteria Help?
Edwin Kornoelje, DO, FAOASM

Update on Current Concepts in the Treatment of Concussed Athlete— Zurich 2012
Jeffrey Bytomski, DO, FAOASM

Current Research and Helmet Technology in Concussion
P. Gunnar Brolinson, DO, FAOASM, FAAFP, FACOFP

The Role of Neuropsychological Testing in Concussion Management
Danielle Chase, PhD, LP

Ophthalmologic Evaluation and Treatment of the Concussed Athlete
David B. Gealt, DO

Vestibular Evaluation and Treatment of the Concussed Athlete
R. Robert Franks, DO, FAOASM

The Concussed Athlete and the Classroom
Joelle Rehberg, DO

Wednesday, October 2

Foot Biomechanics in the Athletic Patient
Christopher Mehallo, DO

Treatment of Anterior Knee Pain
Anne Rex-Torzok, DO

Internal and External Hip Pain
Warren Bodine, DO

Diagnosis and Treatment of Scapular Injuries
Thomas A. Goodwin, DO

Treatment of the Throwing Athlete—an Examination of Biomechanics
R. Scott Cook, DO, FAOASM

Compression Neuropathies
Andrew Martin, DO

Moderator: Vincent N. Disabella, DO, FAOASM

Exercise Addiction in Athletes

Care and Treatment of the Athlete on Performance Enhancing Substances 
Vincent N. Disabella, DO, FAOASM

Care of Artists in Cirque du Soleil
Anouk Allard, B.Sc., CAT(c), ATC, EMT-B, CSCS

Special Olympics
Matt Holder, MD, MBA

Care of the Athletes in the WWE
Michael J. Sampson, DO, FAOASM

Thursday, October 3

Care and Treatment of the Athlete with Sickle Cell and Approach to Crisis
Kathryn C. Lambert, DO

Heat Illness and the Athlete
John Neidecker, DO

Dermatological Issues in Athletes
Daniel Clearfield, DO, MS

The Role of the Team Physician in the Emergency Action Plan
Melissa Tabor, DO

Female Athlete Health Program: Collegiate Level
Becca Rodriguez, DO

Care of the Extreme Recreational Athlete
Brian Sokalsky, DO

Use of OMT to Treat Concussion
Kate Quinn, DO